YMCA Camp Sequoia Lake

The Skate Camp Experience!

We come together at skate camp to live simply; close to nature and each other, in a wholesome and safe environment. Camp inspires us to renew our respect for the world around us, recommit ourselves to friends, family and community, and rejoice in the spirit of positivity. Skateboarding is the vehicle to develop the mental, physical, spiritual and social realms of life. When others feel fear, we feel the opportunity to grow. Where others see empty space, we see the vessel to navigate new frontiers. Skate camp is the place where it all begins.

CIT Program

The Counselor in Training (C.I.T.) program offers campers a structured program that inspires personal and professional growth. The goal of the program is to empower interns to gain the necessary skills to succeed in their transition into young adults.

Skate Camp in Millwood!

The Skate Camp program includes all the fun of summer at YMCA Camp Sequoia Lake including swimming, boating, campfires, challenge course activities and more with a focus on skateboarding! Campers of every level can grow their skills and learn from amateurs and professionals. Skate camp also includes focus groups in Elemental Awareness outdoor survival skills, art, media, and music. Find your skate family in this encouraging and positive environment!
Serving youth ages 8 to 17.

Skate Sessions: 2019

Session 1: June 16 - June 21
Session 2: June 23 - June 28
Session 3: June 30 - July 5
Session 4: July 7 - July 12
Session 5: July 14 - July 19
Session 6:July 21 - July 26 (girls)

CIT Sessions: 2019

Session 1: June 16 - June 28
Session 2: June 30 - July 12

Family Camp
Monday, August 5th - Thursday, August 8th
Please call the office to make reservations for Skate Family Camp