YMCA Camp Sequoia Lake
Simon Helyer
Director of Camping
Simon was born and raised in England (just like the YMCA). Since graduating from the University of Manchester with a Bachelor’s of Science in Outdoor Recreation and Finance he has been involved with YMCA camping. Simon and his family joined the YMCA Camp Sequoia Lake family in January 2016 following a 14-year stint for the State YMCA of Michigan. While camp is closed Simon lives in Visalia with his wife Erica and two boys Lewis and Owen. During the year he enjoys talking all things camp with prospective campers and alumni, please feel free to contact Simon with any questions. Email or call the office at 559-624-1110.
Board of Directors
Jody Graves, Board Chair
Marla Reyes, Vice Chair
Marty Zeeb, Treasurer 
Rachele Berglund-Bailey, Secretary
Larry Benevento, Board Member
Judy Fussel, Board Member
Mark Johnson, Board Member
Jeff Bottoms, Board Member
Sean "Mike" Ringer, Board Member
Veronica Lopez, Board Member
Diane Williams, Board Member
Nancy White, Board Member

Assistant Director of Camping
YMCA Camp Sequoia Lake
For over 100 years, YMCA Camp Sequoia Lake has provided excellent outdoor programing for youth and families based around the YMCA core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility. Our Youth Development Mission is well served in this diverse natural setting where wildlife is abundant and landscapes provide opportunities for education, personal growth, and connection with the natural world. Our enriching programs promote collaboration, leadership, empowerment, and personal accountability. We treasure this special place with which we have been entrusted. Through our work we hope to build the next generation of dedicated stewards, compassionate individuals, and confident leaders.